How could architecture methodology help robotics?

Yulin Zhang présentera un exposé jeudi 18 juin à 14h en salle 2007 sur la modélisation d'architectures logicielles pour les sysèmes robotiques.

From the perspective view of robotics, an Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR) architecture defines a general design solution of how to organize the functional modules of perception, decision-making and behavior in a logical and reasonable way to achieve an objective task in a complex environment by self-reasoning, planning and controlling. However, from the perspective of software architecture, the above AMR architecture only covers the scope of architectural patterns. Software architecture does not only concern the study of architectural pattern, but also involves the study of architectural style and architecture itself. An architectural pattern is a general solution to a commonly occurring problem or a task. In contrast with an architectural pattern that focuses on overall, an architectural style defines architectural design principles targeting the compositional elements of architectures. The essence of architectural design is architecture modeling, which begins by choosing appropriate architectural pattern and style, and then based on the chosen pattern and style, using architecture description languages to formally describe and model software architectures.