Financement de thèse : Vision robotique

Une offre de financement de thèse est proposée par l'équipe PR du laboratoire MIS dans le cadre du projet Interreg V Adapt.

The EU Interreg V funds the PhD grant in the frame of the ADAPT1 project: Assistive Devices for empowering disAbled People through robotic Technologies. Twelve partners are involved in this international project, including ESIGLEC Rouen (FR, leader), UPJV Amiens (FR), INSA Rennes (FR), Univ. of Kent (UK), Univ. College of London (UK) and health structures and companies on both sides of The Channel. A part of this project is dedicated to a smart wheelchair equipped with sensors is under implementation in order to assist the disabled person using it, that is the precise context of the PhD thesis topic.
The MIS lab, and particularly our Robotic Perception group (20 members), is well known in the non-conventional vision, including omnidirectional cameras, for mobile robotics research field, for more than twenty years. The MIS lab is in the city of Amiens, France, just one hour from Paris. Lab members come from many countries, including Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Mauritia, Vietnam, Romania, in addition to France, obviously, leading to a nice international atmosphere.
Based on MIS knowledge and skills, the PhD student will tackle the visual servoing of the wheelchair exploiting new visual features as the one introduced in [Crombez+ @ ICRA 2015]. Extending these features to the smart wheelchair context, that will also benefit from urban 3D models, and merging the computed control inputs with the user ones, will improve the navigation in cities, thus providing interesting contributions.

For more information, see attached file.