19 nov 2021

Computer vision and robotics are more and more involved in cultural heritage. From data acquisition to heritage interpretation, the various tasks of culture heritage must face specificities of tangible and intangible heritages. For example, some ancient materials evolved with time and are possibly very unique, and therefore different from today’s buildings or paintings. Another example is the rarity of artefacts or cultural events such as some dance or ceremony practiced at a unique place on Earth by a very few people, but nevertheless is part of humanity’s heritage. The reality extends much wider than these few examples and inspires computer vision and robotics researchers to design new sensors, new robots, new methods, and new interfaces in collaboration with historians, physicians, curators, and teachers to allow archiving, analyzing, and interpreting cultural heritage in an unprecedented way. The combination of so many various skills is now well known as digital heritage.

This Special Issue welcomes the presentation of new works within the multidisciplinary field of digital heritage, simultaneously contributing to computer or robot vision and digital heritage. Theoretical works as well as applications of tangible and intangible digital heritage are expected about archiving, including in combination with conventional techniques, standardization, monitoring, interpretation, education, and restoration. Examples of expected works are not limited to the following:

Acquisition: visual and 3D modalities for archiving cultural assets, robotic vectors to access and explore heritage sites, etc.
Analysis: layers separation of documents from imaging, vision-based recognition of historical artistic styles, new methods to transform raw visual or 3D data to more abstract representations of heritage assets (e.g., building, painting), etc.
Interpretation: augmented/mixed/projective reality/mapping of heritage sites, robot guide in museums or archaeological sites, assistive virtual tours of heritage sites, etc.

Dr. Guillaume Caron
Prof. Dr. Olga Regina Pereira Bellon
Prof. Dr. Ilan Shimshoni
Guest Editors

Special Issue "Computer Vision and Robotics for Cultural Heritage: Theory and Applications".

Cultural Heritage