07 juin 2017

Le jeudi 8 juin à 14h, l'équipe GOC organisera un séminaire dans lequel XiaoHui Zou, chercheur au Searle Research Center, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), présentera ses travaux :

The purpose of this presentation is to prove the basic law of information in three verifiable ways: logic, mathematics and translation. The method involves the following steps: based on a digital and textual double matrix: First, the generalized bilingual logic of order and position is established on the basis of both Aristotle 's formal logic based on language and Frege' s mathematical logic based on arithmetic. At the same time, the function relation between digital and textual double matrices is established on the basis of both Turing's strong artificial intelligence view based on digital computation and Searle's weak artificial intelligence view based on natural language. Then, on the basis of both common knowledge and interdisciplinary, cross-field and cross-industry expert knowledge, on the basis of both Saussure's general linguistic view and Chomsky's formal linguistic view, The common reference between English and Chinese and its alternative bilingual is to establish the relation of translation on those knowledge ontologies. The result is that the three basic laws can be proved by digital and textual double matrix, the most prominent, at the same time, the most effective, both for the basic framework of information terminology and knowledge ontology, all can be extracted from abstracts of summary big data.Formal bilingual chessboard spectrum come from the abstracts or briefs big data processing and knowledge management, by means of human-computer interaction in the development environment, are easy to operate, and to be automated and efficient. Its significance lies in: quality, energy, information, three kinds of fundamental laws would be described systematically, thus establishing a global range of language, knowledge and software, automatic calculation or statistical analysis in the sequencing and positioning system, characterized by language and knowledge that have be proved by logic, mathematics and translation of three verifiable ways to automatically calculate or statistical analysis, while the global positioning system (GPS) should be regarded as a special case of hardware global sequencing and positioning system.