01 juil 2021

Le professeur Michele CALI de l’université de Catane en Italie fera un séminaire le jeudi 1er juillet  à 14h dans la salle de réunion du MIS et en distanciel.

The use of integrated Computer Aided Design/Engineering (CAD/CAE) software capable of analyzing mechanical devices in a single parametric environment is becoming an industrial standard. Potential advantages over traditional enduring multi-software design routines can be outlined into time/cost reduction and easier modeling procedures. Within this scenario, the present seminar describes some CAD/CAE project activites developed at the University of Catania.

The project activity provides an overview of some integrated design environment. All the design steps, namely the CAD assembly, the trajectory optimization, the search of the most convenient actuator’s position, the structural optimization of components and the actuator selection, are processed using CAD/CAE integrated package. Explanations of the adopted procedures are given and main results obtained are summarized.