12 déc 2018
Le jeudi 13 décembre à 15h00 en salle 301 aura lieu un séminaire sur les robots déformables. L’orateur, Christian Duriez, est directeur de recherche à l’INRIA de Lille. The design of robots can now be done with complex deformable structures, close to organic material that can be found in nature. Soft robotics opens very interesting perspectives in terms of human interaction, new applications, cost reduction, robustness, security… Soft robotics could bring new advances in robotics in the coming years. However these robots being highly deformable, traditional modeling and control methods used in robotics do not fully apply. During this talk, this scientific challenge of modeling and control of soft robot will be presented. I will also present some of our contributions which make use of methods from numerical mechanics (like Finite Element Methods) and adapt them to fulfill the constraints of robotics: real-time computation, direct and inverse kinematic models, closed loop control…